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Mindfully and intuitevly considering your individual needs,
each treatment is crafted to provide a personal
and effective skincare experience.

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Sculptural Face Lifting (Buccal Massage)

Natural revitalization, firming, and face contouring.
Holistic treatment that testifies to the power of mindful touch

This treatment consists of two main parts: Sculptural phase and Deep Tissue (Buccal) massage, working on nearly every muscle in the face.

The Sculptural phase is conducted on the main sculptural lines of the face, restoring the contour of the face as well as diminishing pouches under the eyes and sagging skin.

Buccal Massage is then performed, massaging muscles deep inside the cheek and jaw area to release tension, improve circulation. This innovative and renowned technique offered by only a handful of Facialists worldwide.

The effect of these sessions is comparable to a surgical lift, but is completely natural.

105 min

75 min

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The Haute Couture Facial

Individualized restorative treatment for naturally glowing skin

This treatment is designed to balance your skin and keep it in its most attractive and healthy state.

After the initial consultation, this comprehensive treatment will be tailored to your current skin conditions. This is a totally customized result-oriented yet deeply relaxing experience that applies unique massage methods (originally developed by Valentyna) in combination with carefully selected natural products to achieve a firmer, smoother, well-nourished skin.

Your complexion will be revived and rejuvenated after just one session!

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Essential Skin Treatment

Comprehensive, ongoing skin health maintenance

This is a fully customizable treatment for those who wish to naturally improve and maintain a healthy glowing complexion, focusing on skin health and clarity. The treatment combines exfoliation, light extraction, pressure point massage, masque, healthy technology (ultrasound/microcurrent), and purely hands on methods. This treatment was originally developed by Valentyna to revive your complexion with organic oils, cosmeceutical serums, and masques selected to suit your particular skin type and needs.

Your skin will be hydrated and revitalized.

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Our Products

Clean, Nurturing, and Mindful Beauty

Embracing the essence of clean beauty, our products are free from artificial preservatives, colors, and fragrances, ensuring your skin receives the purest care. We cherish the natural gifts of the beehive, incorporating ingredients like honey, royal jelly, and propolis known for their nourishing and healing properties. This 'bee beauty' approach aligns with our commitment to pure, gentle skincare.

In selecting our products, we prioritize the highest quality, performance, and environmental consciousness, handpicking each item from sources we trust deeply. Our dedication is to your skin's long-term health, empowered by the simplicity and efficacy of nature.

About Us

Valentyna Kovalchuk - Face Aesthetics studio owner

Valentyna founded her esthetics studio in 2015 on the philosophy that skincare should be an integral part of everyone who believes in holistic wellness and a healthy lifestyle.

Valentyna's treatments combine a natural approach to healthy, younger-looking skin, carefully selected products with all-natural ingredients, along with advanced noninvasive equipment to enhance the overall appearance and wellness of each client.

A small studio format allows Valentyna to perform personalized skincare within a cozy private setting. Valentyna provides professional attention to every detail of an individual’s skincare while inspiring and assisting clients in maintaining their own daily personalized skincare regimen.

We are committed to continually improving ourselves and providing the very best in skincare all the while helping our clients achieve and maintain the most attractive and healthy state of their skin.

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